Albox is 120km north of the capital, Almeria, nestled between the Sierra de las Estancias and the Sierra de los Filabres mountain ranges, a short distance from the

Almanzora river. It is a typical white-washed town with narrow streets interspersed with small plazas. As a small agricultural town it is surrounded by olive and almond groves and orange and lemon orchards.

Its history goes back to the Arab invasion of the Iberian Peninsula, with its name meaning Forest in Arabic.  The remains of an ancient fort can be found o­n a nearby hill.

Albox and the surrounding area offers a number of outdoor pursuits for the visitor. There are a multitude of country areas to walk and explore, horse riding, cycling or off-roading in a 4WD. The area is also home to Europe’s biggest observatory.

Many of the local traditions in Albox remain, including ceramics. Two celebrated ceramicist families, Herminio and the Ends, remain in Albox. Their pottery factories still cook the mud in the old Arab furnaces and produce popular decorative ceramics, mostly earthenware.

There is a flourishing weekly market held o­n Tuesdays that is o­ne of the features of Albox. The market spans through the streets into the Rambla (a dry river bed) and here you can buy everything from clothes to fresh fruit and vegetables.


All Saints, from 1st to 7th November.
Pilrimage de 'El Saliente' on the evening of September 7th.
Fiestas de San Francisco, from 2nd to 5th October.
Fiestas de San Antonio in mid-June.
Locaíba festivities, from 11th to 14th September.